Trail is a city located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada. Situated along the Columbia River, Trail offers a blend of natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and a rich industrial heritage. Here are some highlights of what you can explore when visiting Trail:

1. Columbia River Skywalk: Take a stroll along the Columbia River Skywalk, a pedestrian bridge that offers panoramic views of the river, the surrounding mountains, and the cityscape. It’s a great spot for a leisurely walk or to capture some beautiful photographs.

2. Gyro Park: Visit Gyro Park, a waterfront park that features walking trails, picnic areas, and a sandy beach. Enjoy a relaxing day by the river, have a picnic, or take a dip in the water during the summer months.

3. Trail Museum and Archives: Discover the history of Trail and the surrounding area at the Trail Museum and Archives. Explore exhibits that showcase the city’s industrial past, including its mining and smelting history. Learn about the impact of the local industry on the community and the development of Trail.

4. Trail Riverfront Centre: The Trail Riverfront Centre is a multi-purpose facility that houses a library, art gallery, museum, and cultural center. Check out the rotating art exhibits, attend events, or browse through the library’s collection.

5. Outdoor Recreation: Trail is a gateway to outdoor adventures. Explore nearby trails for hiking, mountain biking, and nature walks. The area offers stunning landscapes, including the nearby Rossland Range and Red Mountain Resort, which provide opportunities for skiing and snowboarding during the winter season.

6. Rossland Museum and Discovery Centre: A short drive from Trail, you’ll find the Rossland Museum and Discovery Centre. This museum focuses on the history of the nearby town of Rossland, including its mining heritage and the development of skiing in the region.

7. Fruit Orchards and Wineries: Trail is located in the fertile region of the West Kootenays, known for its fruit orchards and wineries. Take a scenic drive through the countryside and explore the local farms, orchards, and wineries. Sample fresh produce, pick your own fruit (in season), or enjoy wine tastings at the wineries.

Trail offers a mix of outdoor activities, cultural attractions, and a friendly community. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s industrial heritage, enjoying outdoor adventures, or simply taking in the natural beauty of the region, Trail has something to offer visitors of all interests. Search FlightsImage